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Porte Saint-Denis: photo description (Porte Saint-Denis)

The gate of Saint-Denis called the arch, located at the intersection of Saint-Denis, Faubourg Saint-Denis, Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle and the Boulevard Saint-Denis. In fact, this triumphal arch, erected in honor of military victories.

The gate was installed here to commemorate the victories of king Louis XIV in the Dutch war of 1672-1678. This war spread throughout Europe and at first was completely victorious king: less than two months in Flanders and on the Rhine he took more than four dozen Dutch fortresses. It was then that Louis and ordered the construction of a Porte Saint-Denis.

The gates were built according to the project Director of the Royal Academy of architecture, françois Blondel, who took a sample of the Arch of Titus in Rome. The place for construction was chosen historical: during the reign of Charles V here there was a gate Bastion in the medieval city wall.

The gate turned out majestic: height - 25 meters, the total width is 24 m, the span width of 8 metres. Each of the facades are decorated with sculptures and reliefs, describing the victory of the Sun King. On the side facing East, you can see the symbols of the victories on the Rhine, in the West - Flanders. North side captured the capture of Maastricht, South of the crossing of the Rhine. In support of gates arranged in a special passage for the common people, who were to accompany the cortege of the king.

The gate was built in 1672, when the end of the war was far away. To 1678, when he was signed Ningewance world winner-France had suffered such losses that the budget balance of the country was broken, started riots. However, the gates were impressive monument of military glory of the country, one of the best examples of early French classicism.

In the history of the gate was another military page. During the June revolution of 1848 took place near bloody battle with the insurgent workers of Paris with the troops of the Republican guard. The fight was with the use of cannons and cavalry. Killed dozens of Parisians.