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Woven: photos, description (Vouvant)

Woven is a picturesque old village situated in the West of France in the vendée, pays de La Loire region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France".

The first religious buildings - the old Romanesque Church and the monastery appeared here in 1015 on the orders of William the Great, Duke of Aquitaine. Unfortunately, the monastery was completely destroyed by the Huguenots during the religious wars of the XVI century, and the Cathedral remained only a spacious nave Teodelina. In 1990 it was restored and from that moment there is a exhibition of contemporary art.

Previously, there was also a huge castle that belonged to the ancient noble family of Lusignan. It was only the main donjon tower built in 1242. It bears the name of Tower Melusine. In Medieval times the people were a belief that this famous fairy of rivers and springs, she married a mere mortal and became the founder of this noble family. According to legend, the fortress of Lusignan was constructed by the sorceress in one night.

With the top of the tower Melusine stunning views of the surrounding area and flowing through the village the river Measures. Since 1927, this building is considered a monument of history and culture of France. Well preserved ruins of the fortress wall that previously surrounded the settlement.

The main attraction of the village Wowan is the Cathedral of the XII century, consecrated in honor of the virgin Mary (Notre Dame). Here are fragments of ancient statues, which adorned the Western portal of the Church, which to this day have not reached. But they managed to save the Northern portal of the XV century, fanciful relief which depicts scenes of the last Supper and ascension of Christ. In this Church, in 1242 stayed for the prayer of thanksgiving the king of France Louis IX, later canonized to face the saints.

Picturesque views of the village Wowan and open here gallery of modern art made this place quite popular among artists, sculptors and other cultural figures and art.