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Galerie David d'angers: photos, description (Galerie David d'angers)

Galerie David d'angers (Angers) was opened in 1839, during the life of this famous sculptor. He was born in Angers in 1788, studied painting and sculpture in France and Italy. 28 years, returning from Rome to Paris, the artist gained fame as a consummate sculptor. Traveling in Europe, a sculptor became famous because of the stucco busts of many celebrities of the time. He was also engaged in the manufacture of bas-relief medallions and cast bronze medals with portraits of celebrities of that era - for example, the virtuoso Paganini, the writer George sand and poet Beranger. The best known medallic works d'angers recognized as a bronze image of a young Napoleon and Lord Byron.

David d'angers has captured Victor Hugo and Goethe, of Chateaubriand and Rouge de Lille, Washington and Humboldt, carved statues of the Prince of condé and rené of Anjou, playwright Pierre Corneille and the inventor of the printing press Johannes Gutenberg, and many other figures of politics and art. David d'angers belong the reliefs of the triumphal arch in Marseille, sculptures of the pediment of the Pantheon in Paris, the frieze of the theatre "Odeon" and other sculptures.

The last four years of his life the sculptor spent in exile and returned to Paris in 1856 where he suddenly died, and was buried in the cemetery of Pere-La-chaise.

In the hometown gallery of his works about a hundred years housed in the building of the Museum of fine arts. In 1984, the gallery moved to All saints Church, built in the XII century and restored. In this Museum you can see works of large format, which have hall first floor. Among the busts and sculptures of images of Balzac, Goethe and Washington. Also in the collection of the gallery includes sketches, small sculptural forms and collection of medals assembled by the author.