/ / Gallo-Roman Museum, (Musee gallo-romain de Fourviere)

Gallo-Roman Museum, (Musee gallo-romain de Fourviere)

Museum of Gallo-Roman civilization - one of the landmarks of Lyon, located on the Fourvière hill. Near the Museum are the buildings of Roman times as the ancient theatre and the Odeon. The exposition of the Museum is called unique, and the Museum itself is very delicately placed in the General context of the atmosphere of antiquity that prevails on the hill of Fourviere.

The Museum building can be called inconspicuous, without any decorations or frills, and this can be explained: by its author, the architect Bernard Serous hid the structure in a hillside, in order not to violate the appearance of the historical-architectural ensemble of Fourviere. Outside is only the entrance to the Museum, made in the form of a concrete cube. The construction of the building for the Museum was conducted in 70-e years of the last century, it was opened in 1975.

During archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Lugdunum, standing on the site of modern Lyon, was discovered many items from the Roman era, is of great value. One of them turned out to be like household items and works of art (sculpture, mosaic, large format, decorations). Part of found objects dates back to earlier Celtic at times.

In the Museum you can see a mosaic with a rare image of chariot racing in the circus, was found in the early XIX century, as well as the voice recording of the Emperor Claudius, made on bronze plates. Among the exhibits is the bronze calendar, sarcophagi, altars, the wagon, which was used by the Gauls, a ceremonial chariot, and fragments of glassware. One of the exhibits helps create a view of what looked like ancient city of Lugdunum - the Museum is its layout.