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Glanum: photos, description (Glanum)

Currently Glanum is the archaeological Museum located under the open sky near the town of Saint-rémy-de-Provence. An ancient city founded by the Phoenicians, was discovered by accident only in the XVIII century and up to the time of its existence nobody knew. A new history of Panama began with ancient stone tombs and silver coins, discovered by local residents.

Silver coins and other items with the inhabitants of ancient Glanum usually left at the source, making a living offering it to the deity by the name Glan. The first sanctuary was founded by the Phoenicians, then this custom was adopted by the Celts, and after them the Romans also began to make donations at the Creek - not only the Glan, and the God Apollo.

Glanum was located at the intersection of two major roads, one of which led to the Avignon and the other to the Mediterranean coast. In the period from VI to II century BC, Glanum flourished and was considered a powerful city. During the reign of Augustus Glanum became a Roman colony and began to be built according to the traditions of Imperial urban planning - while on his streets, a forum, Thermae, and other buildings, traditional Roman cities.

However, despite their wealth and power, it was destroyed during one of the raids of the barbarian tribes in the third century and was forgotten for many centuries. Glanum excavations began only in the XVIII century after those accidental finds. Currently in this Museum you can see fragments of structures of religious and secular purpose - for example, the arch and the mausoleum, which was erected in memory of the dead nephew of the Emperor. In addition, sculptures and other artifacts discovered at the site of Glanum during the excavations are stored in museums of Saint-rémy-de-Provence.