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Proud: photos, description (Gordes)

The Gordes in Provence - the other winner of the official title "the Most beautiful village of France". She stands a few kilometers from Avignon, in the valley of the river Calavon, in the area rivers Senancole, ruby, Veroli.

One of them gave its name to the Cistercian Abbey at sénanque, founded in the XII century and is currently an active monastery. He is recognized as one of the most beautiful and oldest in Provence, is marked by the status of a historical monument and can provide examples of ancient architecture (XIII-XVII century).

The Gordes got its name from the Roman settlement Castrum Gordon. The Romans took over the place of the Celts, placing a military garrison.

One of the most interesting attractions is recognized as a proud castle overlooking the village. Its present appearance it acquired in the XVI century, and the first building was erected in the first half of XI century. At the end of the last century the castle was owned by abstract artist Victor Vasarely, one of the representatives of op art, art of optical illusions. Now the castle, a recognized historical monument, hosts exhibitions of works of art. Proud history linked with the name of another artist of the twentieth century - Marc Chagall, who lived here.

Religious architecture in the city represented by the chapel of the brotherhood of white penitents and the Church of St. Firmin of the XVIII century on the foundations of the XIII century. In the cellars of the castle, which also bears the name of St. Firmin, a wine cellar and tank for oil. The inhabitants of the medieval Gord earned a living not only wine, but olive oil production.

Another unique attraction proud - archaeological Museum under the open sky, where the preserved remains of two dozen historic buildings.

Streets of proud could be seen in one of the films of Ridley Scott "a Good year", some scenes for which were filmed here in 2006.