/ / Municipal casino of Biarritz: photo, description, Casino municipal de Biarritz)

Municipal casino of Biarritz: photo, description, Casino municipal de Biarritz)

Almost on the main city beach of Biarritz Grande Beach is a luxurious building of the casino Municipal, built at the beginning of the XX century in the style of "Belle Epoque". At the end of last century the building was renovated, and now gambling and guests of Biarritz in full its splendor. Casinos located urban neighborhoods, where you can see many monuments of architecture and history - churches, cathedrals, mansions, and old port and the museums of the sea and art of the East.

In the late XIX - early XX century, Biarritz, former fishing village, was famous resort for the wealthy, noble or famous travelers. Including, Biarritz attracted and celebrities from Russia - for example, Feodor Chaliapin, Anton Chekhov. In a place where gathered the most tight purses of the world, could not fail to open luxury casino.

The opening of the casino Municipal" took place in August 1901. It immediately became the center of attraction of tourists, among whom were players from all over the world, lovers of night time entertainment shows. On the stage of the casino Municipal" were the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt. After almost 20 years in the "Municipal" the premiere of a new dance - the Charleston.

And currently, casino Municipal" you can try your luck on the green baize, or the roulette game and in the arcade. In addition, the casino building is a regular venue for various social events of the highest level. So, here twice (2010 and 2013) carried out "Russian ball" with participation of the leading artists of Opera and ballet, including the "stars" of the Bolshoi theatre. It is possible that the modern "Russian ball" is a continuation of the tradition of "Russian seasons" of the early XX century, when the fall and winter Biarritz took a huge number of travelers from Russia.