/ / City Museum Saint Malo: photo description (Musee d'histoire de la Ville et du Pays Malouin)

City Museum Saint Malo: photo description (Musee d'histoire de la Ville et du Pays Malouin)

For detailed acquaintance with the history of the city of Saint-Malo better place than the city's medieval castle, not to think. Within its walls are the several museums as well as city hall and the aquarium. Among the museums of the castle of Saint-Malo - gallery of wax figures, city history Museum and Museum of the earth Maluan.

Castle of Saint-Malo is located in the part of town called Intra-Muros (the city within the walls"). It is a historical centre of Saint-Malo, located on the island and is surrounded by stone walls. The castle stands at the entrance to the ancient city.

The construction of the castle was conducted from the XV to XVIII century. This structure was intended to protect the city and was built by order of the Dukes of Brittany. In 1420 it was built the main tower which now houses the city Museum, which opened in 1927. In the construction of the city fortifications and the castle was attended by several architects, including a military engineer and architect the Marquis de Vauban. Fortress wall built by Vauban and surrounded the castle, now serves for entertainment - it is the city aquarium.

At the end of the XV century was built two castle towers, one of which, Kick-an-Gron, was constructed by the Duke's daughter Anna, future Queen of France. Currently, this tower is the wax Museum. The castle complex has been preserved of the courtyard, which housed the barracks, and from the middle of the last century, these buildings are the residence of city officials - here is the city hall of Saint Malo.

During the Second world war, the castle suffered severe damage, which was eliminated after its completion. At the top of the castle is an observation deck, which is convenient to survey the city streets and the waters of the port.