/ / City Park Jardin du mail: photo description (Jardin du Mail)

City Park Jardin du mail: photo description (Jardin du Mail)

For a lot of greenery, flowers and trees of Angers is sometimes called the "flourishing city". In addition, Botanical Gardens, arboretum Gaston Yara, in Angers there is still the Jardin du mail - the main city Park as well as the oldest in Angers public garden, designed in the regular style (this style in landscape design is also called French, or geometric).

The principle of geometrical symmetry and fully complied with in the layout of the Jardin du mail. In the center of the Park is a fountain, from which rays are straight paths, flower beds in the Park are formed strictly symmetrical.

Bookmark Park dates back to the XVII century, initially its area was intended for the game "de may", from which it received its name for the Park. This kind of ball games were very popular among the citizens, and France have all been fans of the Royal level, like Henry II and Louis XIII. However, in the mid-seventeenth century love "de may" the inhabitants of Angers quickly faded and the garden is left - he decided to turn into a place for pleasant walks and open for everyone.

Today the Park can be described as neoclassical - this style in particular, made the Central fountain. In winter, when the water in the fountain freezes, visitors to the Park and ride into the basin of the fountain on skates. Bright, eye-catching detail of the Park is the orchestral arbour Le Kiosk, built in the XIX century. And today it occasionally hosts concerts of symphonic music. In the Park you can see sculptures and statues, a maze of bushes, palm trees in tubs, Playground for playing pétanque and many clubs in which every summer are planted about 40 thousand colors. A continuation of the Park is a pedestrian alley of Joan of Arc, planted with old plane trees.

The Jardin du mail is located in Central Angers and is located in front of city hall.