/ / City Park and Botanical garden Bordeaux: photo description (Jardin public de Bordeaux)

City Park and Botanical garden Bordeaux: photo description (Jardin public de Bordeaux)

If desired, in Bordeaux you can visit several beautiful green areas, located on both sides of the Garonne river. According to statistics, every inhabitant of the city have 15 square meters of green space, and it is still not the final figure, as the creation of green areas in Bordeaux continues.

Near the centre of Bordeaux is a public Park with a historic Botanical garden. The history of this place began in 1629 with the creation of the pharmacy garden in which grew medicinal plants from which received the essential oil used in perfumery and cooking. In the second half of the XVIII century the garden was used for adaptation to the local climate plants imported from tropical countries. In the XIX century the garden was given the status of a Botanical garden, which by that time were already part of the city Park.

In the planning and construction of this Park took part to the Royal architect ange-Jacques Gabriel, thanks to the efforts which modest herbs garden became the first public gardens in France. The appearance of the garden was influenced by the style of andré Le nôtre, the court of a landscape architect, Creator of the Versailles gardens and parks. In 1856 were in the garden of meandering river with a waterfall, and two years later, the regular French garden was converted into an English.

Today wrought-iron gates of the garden are equal to other objects of national historical heritage. In the alleys of the Park you can see children's carousel "antique", the puppet theatre and children's Playground with swings and marble statues.

In the beginning of this century on the right Bank of the Garonne in the new part of the city opened another Botanical garden - Jardin Botanique de La Bastide. He was defeated in the former industrial area and helped to turn it into a promising area. In this garden you can see water plants and field crops, plants Aquitaine. Also in this part of the city to the garden adjoins a public Park.