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Grand Theatre, Grand Theatre de Bordeaux)

The example of the classical style, the building of the Grand Theatre in the XVIII century was the center of Bordeaux and its public life. The Grand Theatre is located on place de La comédie, in the Northern part of the street Sainte-Catherine and is adjacent to the Quartier Saint-Pierre. During the year in the theater are representations of Opera and ballet, as well as regular excursions.

The building was built on the site of a Roman temple in the second half of the XVIII century. The author of this magnificent structure is an architect Victor Louis, was specially invited by the mayor of the city by the Marquis de Tourny. Shortly before this, the only one in Bordeaux, the theatre was burned, and the mayor Tourny for the past couple of decades embodied your plan to make Bordeaux in the most beautiful city of France. The construction of the theater began in 1773 and took seven years. On the opening day in the theatre gave a performance "Atalia on the play by French playwright Jean Racine.

The theater building in terms of looks as the peristyle, designed in the tradition of the Corinthian order. The facade of the theater is a portico with a colonnade decorated with statues of the nine muses and the goddesses Juno, Minerva and Venus, the patron of theater and the arts. The theater interior is decorated with frescoes, executed in the technique of optical illusion, enhancing space and giving additional feeling of depth and volume. After the restoration in 1990, the interior of the theatre began to dominate blue color instead of purple, the auditorium and the stage was adapted to modern requirements of design, facades began to illuminate in the dark with spotlights.

Currently, the theater hosts the Bordeaux national Opera and concerts of symphonic music performed by the National orchestra of Bordeaux Aquitaine. The building of the Grand Theatre is a historical monument and is recognized as one of the most beautiful theatre buildings in the world.