/ / Grenoble Museum: photos, description (Musee de Grenoble)

Grenoble Museum: photos, description (Musee de Grenoble)

Grenoble Museum is housed in a specially constructed building, is one of the oldest municipal museums of France, and his collection in the first half of the XX century was considered the richest collection of works of art - ancient and modern.

The Museum is located on the area of Lavalette. During its history it several times moved from one building to another. The Museum was founded in 1798, and its Grand opening was held on the last day of 1800. Initially, the Museum occupied four halls of the former residence of the Bishop. The founder of the Museum was made by the teacher Louis-Joseph Jay, one of the students which was Stendhal. Director Jay initiated the collection of money for the purchase of exhibits for the new Museum. In the first years of operation of the Museum, his collection numbered only about three hundred paintings and sculptures.

In 1801, the building of the Episcopal Palace was returned to the Church, and the Museum moved into the building, which is now occupied by the lycée Stendhal. In the late XVIII - early XIX century, the Museum collection was replenished by works, nationalized during the revolution, but was soon withdrawn from him after the exile of Napoleon these masterpieces back to their former owners.

Another move of the Museum took place in the XIX century, when it was built a separate building, also combining and the city library. It was opened in 1872 and was located on the square Verdun.

In the first half of the twentieth century, starting with the 20-ies, the Museum of Grenoble was recognized as a leading Museum of modern art in France - however, only the opening of the Museum in Paris in 1947.

The building in which the Grenoble Museum is located now was built in 1994 on the initiative of then President Francois Mitterrand. From the laying of the first stone by the President prior to the completion of this project took place for eight years. In the Museum you can see the glass bridge leading to the Island the tower is the venue of exhibitions of the graphic artists and the Park named after albert Michalon, decorated with works of modern sculptors. In the Museum are stored and exhibited works of art from the artifacts of Greek, Egyptian and Roman origin and ending with works of the twenty-first century.