/ / Grotto Massabielle: photos, description (Grotte de Massabielle)

Grotto Massabielle: photos, description (Grotte de Massabielle)

Grotto Massabielle and what happened in it in the middle of the XIX century wonderful story made Lourdes one of the largest centres in Europe of pilgrimage.

According to local legend, in 1858, 14-year-old resident of Lourdes Bernadette Soubirous found in the grotto a water source. Who appeared to her the virgin Mary told the Miller's daughter that the water from this spring is miraculous. Only the virgin Mary came to Bernadette 18 times. After checking the girls, including mental illness, the Catholic Church admitted the facts of miraculous phenomena, and Bernadette decided to become a nun.

Since then Lourdes in an endless stream stretching the afflicted from all over the world. All these people want to pray to the virgin and to Saint Bernadette and to obtain the desired healing. Each year Lourdes is visited by about five million pilgrims, but unexplained science of healing in all these years since the mid-nineteenth century, occurred at about seven thousand. The Catholic Church has recognized as miraculous only a tenth of these cases.

To offer prayers, the pilgrims can in Basilica of the Immaculate Conception and our lady of the rosary, which is a grotto of Massabielle, as well as two more grotto of Miracles and Phenomena. Near the caves are located baths for washing (six women and eleven men), as well as the pump room, where you can collect the miraculous water from the spring. Water tanks are sold almost in all shops of Lourdes and are very sought-after commodity.

Near the source on the wall there is a Board on which was written the words of the mother of God, she said during the apparition, Bernadette.

Source baths, grottoes and Basilica - all this is part of a larger religious complex - our lady of Lourdes sanctuary. It also includes the underground Basilica, consecrated by Pope Pius X, the Church of St. Bernadette, the area of the processions and the Pont Saint-Michel, the way of the cross with 14 stops - so much time staying Jesus Christ on the way to Calvary.