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Gourdon: photo description (Gourdon)

The famous cinematographers, as a rule, knew a lot about the choice of nature for filming. That master of horror and detective Alfred Hitchcock in 1955, chose the village of Gourdon and its surroundings for the filming of "to Catch a thief" with the future Princess of Monaco grace Kelly in the lead role.

The village of Gourdon surrounded on all sides by lavender fields, orange and olive groves, located in the mountains of the côte d'azur and is included in the list of the most beautiful villages of France. She appeared in the eighth century as one of the "stone nests" - the fortified settlements that local people build in a remote mountainous area, fleeing from the attacks of the Saracens. The height at which Gourdon is located approximately 760 meters above sea level. The number of permanent inhabitants is about four hundred.

The sights of Gourdon can be divided into natural, architectural and perfumery and gastronomy. The latter include olive oil, locally pressed, aromatic herbs, traditional provençal sweets and, of course, perfume and cosmetic products.

To appreciate the beauty of the local nature can be even on the "outskirts" to the Tar, passing by the gorges of the Wolf and the cascade Jump wolf. Architectural monuments in Gourdon include castle of XII century built on the remains of the fortress of the IX century, and the Chiesa Madre, built in the XII century. Until 2011, the castle was a private art Museum, but, unfortunately, was closed due to disagreement of the owner of the collection with the municipality. And it would be interesting to see the castle from the inside, the interior presents an interesting mix of eclectic decor: from the Eastern to Renaissance.

Decoration of the village serve as the hanging gardens, which are located on the terraces around the castle. The author of these gardens was andré Le nôtre, who created the gardens of Versailles for Louis XIV.