/ / Dam of Vauban: photo description (Barrage Vauban)

Dam of Vauban: photo description (Barrage Vauban)

Today, the Vauban dam in Strasbourg used as a viewing platform, but that initially this facility was very, very powerful purpose.

Dam of Vauban was built in the late XVII century, blocking the Il river. When possible attacks on Strasbourg on this side of the river it was possible to close and sink the army of the enemy. The construction of the dam was conducted nearly a dozen years, from 1686 to 1700, and the project for it was developed by one of the most famous military engineers of France at the time, sébastien Le Prêtre de Vauban, Marshal of France. The science of military architecture of the Marquis de Vauban learned on the battlefields, established and strengthened by his projects FORTS and other defensive structures declared monuments, of which 12 sites included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

The construction of the dam was led by engineer Jacques Tard, ally known fortification. The dam was made in the form of a covered bridge with multiple gateways, which blocked the river for a dam got another "Big castle".

Near the dam are the famous covered bridges of Strasbourg, spanning four channels of the river ill, and four watchtowers, the strengthening of which was also attended by sébastien de Vauban. All of the towers were five, but one of them - tower Circuits were burned in 1869. These towers not only had defensive value, but was used as a prison, and one of the towers - the French - was for some time a brothel for soldiers.

Currently, the dam with a covered gallery is also used as a venue for exhibitions of contemporary art. In addition, in the gallery of the dam from Vauban, you can see sculpted figures, including gargoyles that were dropped with the local Cathedral during the revolution. From the dam overlook the quarter "Little France", covered bridges and watch towers.