/ / Two bridges Dead: photos, description (Grand pont et moyen pont des Morts)

Two bridges Dead: photos, description (Grand pont et moyen pont des Morts)

The name of the bridges of the Dead creepy, but for him, in fact, not hiding any horrible story. It is explained quite simply and even prosaic. In the early thirteenth century the Bishop of Metz issued a decree that a in a dying citizens bequeathed their best clothes to the orphanage of St. Nicholas. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these things, funds were directed to the maintenance of the bridge. The second bridge came later, but it stuck for a "bad" name.

Structures, which are called "bridges dead", in Metz two - the big and average, they connect the city center and the island of Solci. In Metz there are other bridges, as the city stands at the confluence of the two rivers Moselle and Rural. A small island, Solici on the Moselle river there are interesting buildings that were built in the XVIII century.

Great bridge of the dead was built before the middle. The first structure was made of wood, and its replacement in stone took place during the 60 years from 1282 1343 for years. In the XV-XVI centuries it was extended for another two arched span in the total score was 17, and in the middle of the XIX century the bridge was expanded to four meters. In the second half of the XX century it was twice repaired and strengthened. The average bridge was built in 1312 and was a continuation of the big bridge. He also was first a wooden and then reconstructed in stone.

The design of both structures is very similar - both consist of multiple arched spans and are on wide columns. The upper part of the bridges adorned with modest decor. In the design of one of the middle spans of the bridge you can see a hole through which in the Middle ages, lowered the bars, and blocked access to the city on the water.