/ / The Bolsa Palace: photos, description Palais de la Bourse)

The Bolsa Palace: photos, description Palais de la Bourse)

Palace Exchange in Lyon is recognized as one of the most beautiful public buildings and a symbol of economic prosperity of the city, which peaked in the XIX century. The Palace stands on the area of the Cordillera in the district of Lyon.

The exterior of the building combines two architectural styles - Baroque and classicism. Its construction began in the mid-nineteenth century and lasted four years. The builders have decorated the facades with columns and balconies, with patterns carved in stone, and statues that represent Justice, Temperance, Trade, Industry, Agriculture. The facade of the Palace is decorated with bas-relief work of Valmara where the rivers saône and rhône are depicted as men and women. The author of the project of the Palace was the architect rené Dardel. The opening was attended by Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Empress Eugenie.

Initially the Palace was planned to offer, in addition to the exchange, several commercial and cultural facilities - Museum, ateliers, shops, chamber of Commerce. In the history of the Palace, it housed the Bank of Lyon, society silk traders, the commercial court, at present, there is located the chamber of Commerce. From the interior of the Palace it is worth noting the painting of the great hall, executed by painters of Lyon.

The stock Exchange Palace also went down in history as the site of the assassination attempt on the President of the French Republic Sadi Carnot, who spoke from the steps of the Palace with a solemn speech at the opening of the exhibition. In 1894, President Carnot was attacked with a knife by the Italian anarchist and fatally wounded him. Carnot died a few months before the end of his term, he was a very popular politician could be elected President again.