/ / Palace Degan: photos, description (Shateau Deganne)

Palace Degan: photos, description (Shateau Deganne)

Chateau Degan in Arcachon is a Palace in the style of new Renaissance, which from the beginning of XX century casino La Beach.

The building was erected in 1853 by mayor Adalberon Gehennom. The Palace was built on the edge of the public beach. This building as a place of recreation and social events enjoyed great popularity among visiting Arcachon bourgeois and nobles - not only French, but also from other European countries. Therefore, the Palace was regarded as one of the symbols of Arcachon, and as a symbol of wealth and luxury. In 1857, Napoleon III assigned Arcachon status commune mayor, Degan wanted to thank him and decided to give the Palace with views of the ocean, but the Emperor such a gift refused, saying that it is "costly." At the end of the XIX century, the Palace has also become the venue for the magnificent reception and exhibitions.

After the death Dehanna the Palace became a private property, and even some time housed a finishing school. In 1903 it was sold to wealthy businessman and the new owner opened the gambling establishment. During the Second world war instead of players in the Palace was occupied by the soldiers, and the building was heavily damaged. After the war the Palace was restored and again began to spin the wheel, and to give theatrical performances.

By the way, in the XIX-XX centuries in Arcachon worked for two casino La Plage and Moorish, Moorish located in the Park and built in the "winter city" in the second half of the XIX century. Moorish casino (also called forest) burned down in 1977, now in its place is a arboretum. With the appearance of the forest casino can be found by looking at the layout of the Moorish Park. It did not recover, and casino La Plage currently has no competitors within Arcachon.