/ / The Palace of Europe, Palais de l'europe)

The Palace of Europe, Palais de l'europe)

In Strasbourg there is a European quarter, which houses the residence of the administrative bodies of the European Union. These buildings are also interesting examples of modern architecture.

In the same quarter is located and the Palace of Europe, headquarters of the Council of Europe. This is one of the oldest intergovernmental organizations in the European continent, while it is not part of the European Union and is an independent body. The Council was created after world war II in 1949 for cooperation between all countries of Europe in the fields of cultural cooperation and law. The first Council building was built in 1950 but was demolished.

The modern Palace was built in the 70-ies of the last century. It is located near the new European Parliament building. The Council of Europe sits in it since 1977. Plenary sessions are held in a semi-circular hall with a dome in the shape of a seashell, the building has 17 rooms and about a thousand offices. The Palace was built of pink Sandstone in the then current avant garde. In front you can see the flags of the countries that are members of the Council of Europe. Before in Strasbourg in 1999, the building was constructed, the European Parliament, representatives of the Institute of the EU for seven years also met in the Palace of Europe. The Palace of Europe is the main building of the Council, except for him, the organization occupies several buildings in the quarter.

Modern buildings of the European quarter is in sharp contrast to the medieval architecture of Strasbourg. That is, for example, European Parliament building, built of glass and concrete that resembles a tower of Babel. Another building is the Palace of human rights since it was constructed in 1995, whose face should remind of the principles of justice.

The European quarter is situated in the North-Eastern part of Strasbourg.