/ / Palace Lantini: photos, description Palais Lantivy)

Palace Lantini: photos, description Palais Lantivy)

Palace Lativi one of the attractions of the capital of Corsica - Ajaccio. It is located to the North of the Cathedral and South of the Museum of fine arts.

The Palace was built in 1830 as part of a large project during the restoration of the monarchy in France, dedicated, in particular, the development of the native town of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte. By the way, at the end of the street on which the Palace is situated the equestrian statue of the great Emperor, surrounded by his four brothers. The author of the monument was made by the architect and restorer eugène violle-Le-Duc.

The construction of the Palace was engaged in another French architect Alphonse de Gisors. Since 1837 it housed the Prefecture of Corsica, and the building was named in honor of the first prefect - Gabriel de Lative, the former military leader since Napoleon, also participated in the March on Moscow. The Palace still houses various administrative offices, including the General Council of the Department.

The building was built in neoclassical style and consists of two main wings, arranged on two floors. At the center of the room is a spacious hall (atrium with a beautiful staircase and columns. The interior rooms are decorated in neoclassical style. Especially noteworthy is the fresco depicting the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, bisecting the sky in his magic chariot. All the interior rooms were refurbished in 2002 and 2006.

The Palace is surrounded by a beautiful garden, where the trees, shrubs and other plants typical of the Mediterranean region.

In 1990, the Palace, Lativi was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France.