/ / Lascaris Palace and the Museum of musical instruments: photos, description (Palais Lascaris)

Lascaris Palace and the Museum of musical instruments: photos, description (Palais Lascaris)

Lascaris Palace is one of the most curious buildings of nice. It is located in the heart of the Old city on Rue Droite, so narrow, that the street to appreciate the beauty of the Palace is absolutely impossible. But inside, tourists are greeted with stylish interiors, magnificent frescoes and a Museum of musical instruments - the second wealthiest collections in France.

No exact year of construction nor the architect of the Palace is not known. What is clear is that it belongs to the first half of the XVII century and in the style of the Italian Baroque. Until 1802 it was owned by the ancient noble family of Lascaris-Ventimiglia, whose genealogy is from the XIII century, when Guillaume-Pierre 1st, count of Ventimiglia, married the daughter of Byzantine Emperor Theodore II Lascaris Eudoxia. By the end of the XIX century the Palace fell into disrepair, and in 1942 it was bought by the city to establish here regional Museum of arts and popular traditions.

To repair the Palace began only in 1963, the work took seven years. Now its interiors are impressive: the monumental marble staircases, arcades and galleries, decorated with numerous statues, many frescoes with mythological subjects, Dating from the mid seventeenth century. Inside the Palace in abundance are also Flemish tapestries, furniture XVII-XVIII centuries, fine stucco.

In 1904, in nice died industrialist and an Amateur musician, Antoine Gautier, who bequeathed to the city its huge collection of musical instruments. The collection was consistently stored in different museums and the Conservatory of nice, but in 2001 it was transferred to the Palace Lascaris to create here a Museum of musical instruments. It was opened to the public recently, in 2011.

Today the Museum collection includes more than five hundred ancient musical instruments. Among them such rarities as a few violas d'amour XVII-XVIII centuries, viola William Turner (1652), the Baroque guitar, including the oldest surviving French guitar from Avignon 1645, rare set of clarinets, Oriental musical instruments.

There in the Palace of the Lascaris, and one unusual object: on the ground floor recreated in the smallest details of the pharmacy that was here since 1738.