/ / The Massena Palace Museum of art and history: a photo, a description (Palais Massena)

The Massena Palace Museum of art and history: a photo, a description (Palais Massena)

Palace Massena is easy to find - it is on the promenade des Anglais, near hotel Negresco. Elegant garden behind wrought-iron bars do not hide the white walls of one of the best buildings of nice.

This Villa overlooking the Bay of Angels, this lush and beautiful, built in 1898 as their winter home Victor masséna - French military officer and politician, Duke de Rivoli, the grandson of Napoleon's Marshal, a native of nice Andre Massena. Architects Hans-Georg Terling and Aaron Messiah took a sample, the Villa Rothschild in Cannes. The Palace in a neoclassical Italian style reflects the dual nature of the personality of Victor masséna: strict Northern façade recalls the military career of the owner, and the charming South with the rotunda and semi - circular balcony- about his social life.

In 1919, the son of Victor masséna, andré, inherited the Palace, gave it to the city with two conditions: to create here a Museum and open house and garden for the public. And became - at the Palace now houses the Museum of art and history, entry is free.

On either side of the Grand staircase, visitors are greeted by two huge paintings depicting family members of Massena. Lots of room for family owners paid on the second floor. But a Museum devoted not only to them, he talks about the city's history since the late eighteenth century. The exhibits include oil paintings, watercolors, drawings, engravings, sculptures, fabrics, fans, trinkets, old costumes, posters, photographs. The Museum is justifiably proud of the gems of the collection - paintings by Renoir and Sisley. On the third floor is a library with thousands of documents on the history of nice, Provence, Savoy and Italy.

A kind of exhibit is the Palace itself. Luxurious interiors restored in all its splendor: the furniture in the Empire style, frescoes, stucco, crystal chandeliers, mosaic floors, marble columns and fireplaces. Regular garden designed by famous landscape designer of the nineteenth century by Edouard Andre, includes palm trees, Laurel, tea tree, osmanthus, Magnolia, rose. The locals love to go to this garden, to sit on a bench among the greenery.