/ / The Palace of the Maison dupré-Latour: photo description (Maison Dupre-Latour)

The Palace of the Maison dupré-Latour: photo description (Maison Dupre-Latour)

The Palace of the Maison dupré-Latour is located in the Old city centre of valence, the rhône - Alpes region, southeastern France. From the IV century until 1450, all the power in the city was concentrated in the hands of the Bishop, and then it became the capital of the Duchy of Valentinois, owned by the famous Cesare Borgia.

The Palace itself is located at the address: street Parallel, building 7. This mansion was built in 1522 and belonged to a merchant family, Wife, grown rich on the sale of salt. In 1760 it was purchased by a certain françois dupré-Latour, whose name is known to this day. In 1989, the building passed into the hands of the city Council. Before that, the Palace served as a residential home for over 400 years.

The main entrance leads to a cozy courtyard, where a passage to the tower, and therefrom - to the rest of the interior of the mansion. It is the portal entrance to the tower is decorated with the most elegant: here are intertwined elements of two styles: Aquitaine and Italian Early Renaissance. It is worth noting the graceful Corinthian columns and ornate moldings: on the front you can see a variety of scenes from Greek mythology, for example, the judgment of Paris and rape of Helen. On them is depicted the family crest, and on either side of him are angels that seem to support a protruding canopy on the second floor. It should be noted that the recovery of this work of art, made of very brittle material, it took many years of careful and skilful work. And, unfortunately, some of the sculptures that adorned the portico, could not be saved.

The entire Palace consists of four floors, the first of which housed the offices and the old kitchen. Facing the street Parallel main facade of the building is decorated with three balconies with large Windows on each of the upper floors. Of special interest also causes a narrow spiral staircase inside the mansion.

Since 1927, the Palace of the Maison dupré-Latour was awarded the status of monument of history and culture of France. Tourist visit to the mansion is only possible in the group and during the so-called "day of museums".