/ / The Palace of Maisons-de-Tete: photos, description (Maison des Tetes de Valence)

The Palace of Maisons-de-Tete: photos, description (Maison des Tetes de Valence)

One of the main streets of valence - Grande Rue attracted the attention of the guests of the city of St. John's Church in the Romanesque style, as well as its beautiful mansions, among which worth mentioning is particularly the so-called "House of heads, Maison de Tet.

It was built in the XVI century and received its name for the abundant and filigree decoration, which looks like a woven or inlaid medallions with images of heads. On its walls you can see pictures known in the world history of the characters (Homer, Aristotle and Hippocrates), image, symbolizing science (theology and medicine), natural phenomena (winds in different directions), abstract concepts (e.g., time). These images were carved from Sandstone, a popular building material.

The first owner of the house was Antoine de Dorne, a Professor at the local University, who returned from a trip to Italy with plans of building a house in the Palazzo style. The construction started in 1528 1538 year. After the death of Antoine de Dorne owner was his son Francis, and then the mansion has several times changed its owners. During the French revolution the building was confiscated and sold. Until 1980 the house remained a private residence and was later purchased by the municipality.

Among the famous guests who visited "house heads", it is worth to mention Napoleon Bonaparte, who at that time studied in valence in the artillery school and was in the rank of Lieutenant. The future Emperor was then 16 years old, and he lived in a house opposite the mansion-heads.

Interestingly, in France there are several buildings that are adorned with the same decor and are of the same name. Your "house goals" is, for example, in the Alsatian town of Colmar.