/ / The Palais du Roure: photo, description Palais du Roure)

The Palais du Roure: photo, description Palais du Roure)

The Palais du Roure, also called the Hotel Baroncelli-Javon or Museum Baroncelli, located in Avignon was built in the XV century. In 1469, the Italian Ghibellines Pierre Baroncelli, a native of Florence, purchased the tavern and a few neighboring houses and wanted them to rebuild his residence. However, he built the Hotel Brocelli-Avon.

In the nineteenth century, Frederic Mistral, who loved to come here, renamed it Palais du Roure, which meant "Oak Palace". Being the property of the Marquis Folco de Baroncelli-Javon Palace became a favorite place for representatives of the current felibrige (movement for the revival of Provencal literature and language). In 1908, the Palace was sold. Over time it is much decayed, but was restored in 1918 by Jeanne de Flandres, who decided to make the Palace a Museum of Mediterranean culture. Avignon has inherited the building of the Palace in 1944. Nowadays, the collections in the Museum available to the General public.

In the courtyard of the Palais du Roure on the walls hang several unique copies of old bells collected by Jeanne de Flandres. The bells belong to different eras, they have different sizes and different origins.

Here, at the Museum of provençal and of Italian art can be seen illustrations of the divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, the engravings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi, letters of Theodore Aubanel, coach frédéric Mistral and other exhibits.