/ / The Palace of Tokyo (Museum of modern art): photo description (Palais de Tokyo)

The Palace of Tokyo (Museum of modern art): photo description (Palais de Tokyo)

Palais de Tokyo in Paris is not the capital of Japan is almost irrelevant. The thing that separates it from the Seine river, street (Avenue, new York until 1945 was called Tokyo Avenue. Had the same name was built near the Palace.

In the competition for the project of the Palace were 128 candidates, including Tony Garnier and Le Corbusier. Was won by the architects Jean-Claude Dandeli and Andre Hubert, who suggested building in the art Deco style. It was built for the world exhibition of arts and technology, which opened in Paris in may 1937. During the event, the French planned to open in the Palace of Tokyo, the Paris Museum of modern art and bought for him a huge number of works by artists, sculptors, graphic. However, with the project something went wrong already prepared the collection was transferred to the Petit Palais.

After the Second world war it became clear that the space of the Petit Palais to house the collection sorely lacking. The situation escalated in 1953 when the number of exhibits increased generous gift of a major art collector, Dr. Girardin. Then it was decided to revisit the idea of creating a Museum of contemporary art in the Palace of Tokyo.

Today in the Paris Museum of modern art, there are about eight thousand exhibits representing the main currents of art of the last century. The historical section is filled with works of the fauves, the Cubists, orfistov, Surrealists. Extremely personable modern section (art after 1960). Here are exhibited works of the new realists (Arman, césar, Deschamps, Klein, Ress), an art movement FLUXUS (Ben, Dittmann, Fiyu), the movement of narrative Figuration (Cueco, Erro, Romania, Stampfli).

Decoration of the Museum - a huge canvas of Matisse "Paris dance" and Dufy mural "Fairy electricity", made for the Paris energy management. 250 polychrome panels depict the story of electricity from Aristotle to the present day.

In 2010, unknown criminals stole from the Museum five paintings by Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Braque and Leger a total value of about EUR 100 million. The theft has caused shock among collectors: the work of this level is listed in all directories, it is simply impossible to sell.