/ / Palace of festivals and Congress hall: photos, description, Palais des festivals et des congres de Cannes)

Palace of festivals and Congress hall: photos, description, Palais des festivals et des congres de Cannes)

Palace of festivals and Congress in Cannes is the same one that millions of people around the world see the stories about the famous Cannes film festival. For this reason the Palace is worth a look though, maybe on weekdays it will not produce a great impression.

Its history is inextricably linked with the history of the festival. At the end of the thirties of the XX century, the French cultural figures protested blatant intervention of Mussolini and Goebbels in the organization of the Venice film festival. Film critic Emile Uillermo and writer and actor rené Jeanne suggested the Minister of education in the government of National front Jean Know to organize a world film festival in France. The idea was supported by the Americans and British are boycotting the screening in Venice.

President of the first festival has agreed to be the great Louis lumière. Americans, has just issued the band "Quasimodo", and promised to erect at the Cannes beach exact copy of the Notre-Dame de Paris. But on 1 September 1939, the opening day, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, the war began, the festivities were canceled.

The first Cannes film festival took place shortly after the end of the war, in 1946. In 1949, the municipality has built for chiropractice special Palace on the Croisette, but it gradually became too small (on the site of the Palace of La Croisette" is now the MARRIOTT-Cannes"). And in 1982, the festival got a new house where previously it was the municipal casino, at the beginning of the Croisette, near the old port. This Palace is known now to all the viewers as the venue for the world's largest film festival.

Here gained worldwide recognition in the films of Fellini, Bergman, Antonioni, Wajda, Bunuel, Kurosawa. But not only the prestigious "Palme d'or" glorified festival: in 1955, the Monaco Prince Rainier met the American actress grace Kelly. A year later they were married, and the current ruler of the Principality, albert II, their son.

The building is huge: 35 thousand square meters. However, its aesthetic value is debatable, it looks something like the Palace of congresses of the socialist era: a lot of concrete and glass (the townspeople from time to time, even offering to rebuild the "bunker"). To the front door is a wide "ladder of success". During the festival, in front of her to line a red carpet where stars are photographed. On ordinary days, on the stairs taking photos of each other tourists. Along the façade is the Avenue of Stars in its sidewalk mounted tiles with handprints of famous actors and Directors.

Inside, the building is impressive: it is saturated with modern equipment, excellent light and acoustics. From the upper floors and terraces, most with amazing views of the old town, port, Croisette, Lerins Islands. In the Palace of exhibitions, conferences and congresses, international festivals: advertising (Cannes lions), jazz, flamenco, games, fireworks. In 2011, it is here held a summit under the French presidency.