/ / Palace Museum Verger: photos, description Musee-hotel Le Vergeur)

Palace Museum Verger: photos, description Musee-hotel Le Vergeur)

Palace Museum Verger - one of the attractions of the French city of Reims, located in the North-East of the country in the region champagne - Ardenne.

The building itself is a mixture of styles and eras. The original building consisted of two wings, one of which was built in the XII-XIII centuries. Another slightly younger and dates from the XVI century, however, this part of the Palace was heavily damaged and rebuilt in the XX century, after the First world war. There are also elements of classical style decoration, typical of the eighteenth century.

It is known that in the XII century this neighborhood was inhabited by rich traders and merchants. And in the XIII century, around this mansion stood another, also brightly decorated, known as the "House musicians". Later it was rebuilt and received another name - "Royal Palace". From that era have survived is a spacious Gothic hall, with a chapel and a rose-window.

In the XVI century the complex of buildings was purchased by Nicolas Le Verger, a wealthy bourgeois, and was converted into a family mansion.

Interesting facade of the building facing the courtyard. Every window was decorated on top of a bas-relief depicting scenes from the history of XVI century: here you can see the inhabitants of the Middle East in turbans and native American, puffing the pipe of peace, and more. Also presented heraldic signs: emblems and anagrams of notable occupants of the house, including its first owner - Nicolas Le Verger.

Unfortunately, during the First world war, the whole architectural complex was badly damaged and after a fire of 1918, were all only load-bearing walls of buildings. However, in the course of a thorough restoration work was able to restore this historical monument. And in the cloister of the Palace, you can see characteristic Reims architecture because it exhibits the best preserved fragments of the old city buildings. There are arcade Romanesque Church of the Templars (XII century) and the various portals of the mansions of the Renaissance.

It is worth emphasizing that the restoration of the Palace would not be possible if not for the activities of its owner, Krafft, one of the first French photographers, and art collector. And now the Palace there is a Museum, largely consisting of artifacts from his private collection. Special attention should be paid to the engravings of Albrecht dürer, the art of Asia and the Middle East and photos of Krafft. The exhibition halls are furnished with antique furniture in the Renaissance style and Gothic revival.