/ / Dolmen Madeleine: photos, description Dolmen de la Madeleine)

Dolmen Madeleine: photos, description Dolmen de la Madeleine)

The Madeleine dolmen is an ancient megalithic structure located in the Department of Maine-et-Loire, pays de La Loire region. To the North is a small settlement of Jenn, and the nearest major town is the historic town of Saumur. The dolmen is a monument of the Neolithic and bronze age.

It is an ancient megalith in their structure reminiscent of the famous Stonehenge - that is, the complex of the so-called "trilithons - two upright standing stones supporting a third laid upon them horizontally. On the East side of the building were lost one of these trilithons.

This megalith is classified as dolmens, that is, the cult is an ancient burial construction is a slab, raised on stone piers. He takes quite an impressive area of 80 square meters. The maximum height of the building almost reaches three meters. When the building was used by gray Sandstone.

Generally, in this area, there are several such constructions of the bronze age, but the Madeleine dolmen is the largest of them. Interestingly, enterprising medieval peasants found him another mission - there was a field kitchen. Traces of the ancient furnace suitable for baking of bread. Also here can be seen the remains of a doorway, wide enough that it could pass a peasant's cart or even a wagon.

In 1930 this building was awarded the status of monument of history and culture of France, and after 10 years of archaeological excavation was carried out, during which was discovered an ancient human burial. Now the megalith is located on private land, but open to the public.

It should be noted that there is a second dolmen de La Madeleine, located in the Poitou - Charentes region, is much smaller. However, other buildings during the middle Ages was transformed into a religious structure and is a truly unique spectacle. Unfortunately, her travel is limited.