/ / Dolmen Madeleine in Lesaka: photos, description Dolmen de la Madeleine)

Dolmen Madeleine in Lesaka: photos, description Dolmen de la Madeleine)

The Madeleine dolmen - a unique structure located on island in the middle of the French river Vienne, a tributary of the famous river Loire, the Poitou - Charentes region. The next localities - administrative centers of the departments of the Charente and Lessac. The dolmen is a monument of the Neolithic and bronze age.

It is a stone megalith, which has more than six thousand years old, converted in the middle Ages in the Christian sanctuary.

This megalith is classified as dolmens, that is, the cult is an ancient burial construction is a slab, raised on stone piers. Its dimensions are quite modest: 4.50h3.60 meters. This part of the building dated to 4500-4000 years before Christ.

In the IX century was built a low, graceful cylindrical columns surrounding the megalith. They support square stone slab, which is crowned by this wonderful architectural ensemble.

In the Middle ages, the megalith had been converted into a small chapel, existing in the ancient cemetery. Between the two farthest columns installed consecrated the altar of the Church, preserved until now. In 1878, during the archeological excavations was discovered the first burial of that era. The chapel was consecrated in honor of St. Mary Magdalene. According to popular legend, many centuries ago, she came down from Heaven to earth and formed this island.

After the French revolution in the nineteenth century the dolmen, Madeleine has lost its sacred purpose, and here was a cabaret in the open air. From other cities were brought in here, wooden tables and chairs.

In 1900 this building was awarded the status of a monument of history and culture of France. Now he is on private property, and its use is limited.

It should be noted that there is a second dolmen de La Madeleine, located in the pays de La Loire region, is much larger. Another building was converted into a religious building, but is open for tourist visits.