/ / The house of Adam: photos, description (Maison d'adam)

The house of Adam: photos, description (Maison d'adam)

This structure several names - the House of the tree of life, the house of craftsmen, the house of Adam and eve. But most of all it is known as the House of Adam. In 1922, this building was declared a historic monument, now houses several firms and shops where you can buy Handicrafts made by local craftsmen.

The Adam house is centrally located in Angers, at the intersection of Mono with the place Saint-Croix. The building was built in the late XV century in the style that cannot be confused with any other. The combination of wooden beams and stone plastered masonry with carved figures adorning the walls and Windows that make this building a very interesting example of a medieval half-timbered architecture. The name of the house was obtained through the sculptural depiction of the famous biblical story of Adam and eve tasted the Apple of knowledge. It can be seen in the corner of the first floor. From historical documents it is known that the Adam house this building was called in the seventeenth century.

The location of the house on the crossroad allowed its owners (one of the first owners was a local pharmacist) to decorate with carved figures, both of the facade of this six-story building - two floors higher than the neighbouring houses. The figures carved with great skill and humor, is portrayed as biblical and secular characters - among them you can see the silhouettes of saints, musicians, lovers, mythical creatures - centaurs and chimeras.

The house of Adam was also reflected in the literature - in the work of Anatole France "Under the city's elms". Interestingly, in France there is another building, called the House of Adam and eve. It is located in nice, was built in the second half of the XVI century and decorated with bas-relief in grisaille technique with images of men and women whose citizens believe Adam and eve has already been expelled from Paradise.