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House Denis Papin: photos, description (Maison de Denis Papin)

In Blois, there are several attractions related to Denis Papen, a scientist and inventor, born here in 1647. His parents were poor people who paid for the son's training in medical science at the University of Angers. However, Denis Papin became a doctor and chose to study mathematics and physics, and also invented many useful things. Unfortunately, the talent of the inventor has not brought him wealth, and he died in London, being a poor and lonely man. Even the exact date of his death is unknown - according to some sources, 1712, on the other - 1714.

In the list of the inventions of Denis Papin steam engine and a device known in the modern world as a pressure cooker, heat up a glass furnace, the steam wagon on the go and several mechanisms for lifting water. My pressure cooker even the scientist presented the scientific Royal society.

In Blois you can see the house of the XV century in which he lived, Denis Papin. It is located on the Rue Pierre de Blois and is a historical monument since 1928. The house consists of two parts, connected by wooden galleries on the second floor. The wooden parts of the facade is decorated with carved figures of acrobats and monsters.

In honor of the inventor also named one of the streets of the city (which is walking) and a stone monument. The figure of the scientist is at the top of the Grand staircase, which is also called unofficially the stairs Papen. The staircase, built in the XIX century, connects the street Denis Papin Rue de Palais. At the bottom of the stairs in the middle of the stairs is a round flower bed, with a wrought fence.