/ / The kammerzell house: photos, description (Maison Kammerzell)

The kammerzell house: photos, description (Maison Kammerzell)

The house Kammerzell in Strasbourg bears the name of its last owner. Today this unique building, which has the status of a historical monument, is located the restaurant "Maison Kammerzell".

The kammerzell house is a timber-framed building, the ground floor which is made of stone and the upper is constructed of wood and decorated with numerous sculptures. Among the features of the building is also referred to as a large number of Windows (75), each of which is surrounded by a carved decor.

This building was built in 1427, the first owner was Hans Jaeger. In 1589 another owner, syromalabar Martin brown rebuilt the house, adding the upper floors and giving the building its unique appearance. After brown's building, known as the "Old house", has changed several owners. Philippe Francois Kammerzell, grocer of würzburg acquired it in 1806. At the end of the XIX century the house was sold at auction, is now its owner is the municipality.

The facade of the kammerzell house is decorated with wooden biblical characters, and mythical creatures, zodiac signs, figures of musicians, the symbols of the five senses (vision, hearing, speech, smell, and touch), and carved statues, which symbolize the Christian virtues - Faith, Hope and Love. Each of these three shapes, complemented by still images of birds - Pelican, the Phoenix and the Griffin, also has a symbolic value.

Inside the building is decorated with murals of Leo Snoga, Alsatian artist of the late XIX - first half of XX century. Among the paintings you can see the "Ship of fools" with scenes from the book, other anzasca Sebastian Brant. The special features of the interior of the house also include the original glazing of Windows with round fragments, resembling the bottoms of wine bottles. On one wall the kammerzell house lists the names of all its owners.

The building is located on Cathedral square, near the Cathedral of Strasbourg.