/ / House KOYO: photos, description (Maison Coilliot)

House KOYO: photos, description (Maison Coilliot)

Near the Museum of fine arts is the Home of KOYO. It houses a ceramics store. Of great interest is the building in the art Nouveau style, built by Hector Guimard, a famous architect, a representative of modernism. They were designed inputs of the first stations of the Parisian underground and other buildings of the French capital - for example, hotel Gimar" and the house called "the Castle Bernage".

KOYO house was built in the end of XIX century, the customer was Louis KOYO, master ceramist, is also an innovator in his craft - he did a unique tile with an enamel coating and wanted this reflected in the design of the new building. In addition to tiles, KOYO, Hector Guimard used in the decoration of the facade and other materials - wood, brick, stone, forged metal. The building was deliberately made asymmetrical in its appearance it is difficult to find straight lines. The reason for this strange geometry of the building was a plot of land of irregular shape. Another nuance of the decoration of the facade is the inscription on it is the same font as the labels with the names of the metro stations. At that time, the house looked very trivial and were all kind to attract attention, advertising the production of the wizard KOYO.

To explore the mansion from the inside is unlikely, as it is in private ownership. However, it is known that fireplaces in the living rooms of the first and second floors richly decorated with ceramic tiles of different colors and small sculptures. The first floor has a store on the other three floors are residential. KOYO house is on Rue de Flers. In 1977 it was declared a historical monument.