/ / The house of magic: photos, description Maison de la magie)

The house of magic: photos, description Maison de la magie)

One of the most famous natives of Blois was a watchmaker, inventor, and illusionist, also called the father of modern magic, Jean-eugène Robert-Gooden. He lived in the XIX century from 1805 to 1871. His name as a creative alias took a bit of modifying, the American hypnotist and magician Erich Weiss better known as Harry Houdini.

Robert Gooden gave performances and tours abroad, he wrote several books in which he revealed secrets of magic, and has developed many original tricks, two of which - the "Orange tree" and "Butterfly" - modern fans of illusion genre could be seen in the film "the Illusionist" with Edward Norton in the title role.

In Blois history of the life and work of Jean-eugène Robert-gudina presented in the Museum "House of magic", which is located next to the Royal castle and close to the station. In front of the entrance to the Museum is a statue of the magician, and the building is remarkable for the fact that every hour Windows seem six mechanical dragon heads, gilded and guarding the secrets of magic House of magic. It's a short show, accompanied by music, and head move and did not spew flames. The Museum presents the use of tools that magicians use to create optical illusions and various visual effects.

In the heart of the magic House also hosts magic shows for children and adults, classes are held, during which the participants reveal the secrets of various illusions. In addition, the House of magic is a training center for professional magicians, it is a branch of the International center of illusionism and magic.