/ / The house of Nikolai Berdyaev: photos, description (Maison de Nicolas Berdiaev)

The house of Nikolai Berdyaev: photos, description (Maison de Nicolas Berdiaev)

The house-Museum of Nikolai Berdyaev, the great Russian religious and political philosopher, is ten kilometers to the South-West of Paris, in the suburb of Clamart.

Russian idealist Berdyaev was persecuted under the Tsar, the Soviet Union was twice in jail, was interrogated by Dzerzhinsky and personally expelled from the country on the "philosophical steamship". In exile, he wrote a number of works comparing the world's religious and philosophical teachings. A key role in his views belonged to the freedom in which he saw the only mechanism of creativity. Freedom is pleasing to God, but it is also capable of breaking the divine hierarchy of being," beget evil. Christianity is the "religion of freedom". "I have the belief that God is present only in freedom and acts only through freedom" - wrote the philosopher.

In exile, the scientist was hard. In 1938, he received an inheritance - a house in the ancient sleepy Clamart. Now Nikolai Alexandrovich was a roof over my head, but otherwise the financial situation has not improved. During the German occupation he was interrogated by the Gestapo, but chase did not - in the German command there was a scholar of philosophy, who knew the name of thinker.

In 1948, Berdyaev died at his Desk. The house he bequeathed to the Korsun diocese. The house is now a memorial plaque. Behind the fence is a small garden with a pond, a statue of a boy amidst well-tended bushes. Is stored inside the Cabinet of the host: bookcase with his portrait, a faded armchair and a Desk. On the table - Desk calendar, opened on March 24, the date of the death of the philosopher. Old bookcases didn't survive the test of time, but on the shelves - volumes of journals "the Way" and "restoration", the scientist who edited in exile.

Grave of Nikolai Berdyaev is about three kilometers from home to the local cemetery. At the base of a simple cross carved: Nicolas Berdiaev. On the same small churchyard - the grave Trubetskoy, Gagarin, Obolensky, Lopukhins.

The last home of Nicholas Berdyaev called " house-Museum is very conditional - not here, giving tours, to visit have to agree especially. At the house â„– 83 on street: Moulin de Pierre has no ads, and to find it necessary to stray through the town.