/ / House Pfister: photos, description (Maison Pfister)

House Pfister: photos, description (Maison Pfister)

House Pfister is one of the attractions of the Alsatian city of Colmar, North-Eastern France. This is perhaps the most famous architectural site in the city, a kind of "calling card".

The house is located in the Central quarter of the town. It was built in 1537 - that date is carved on the tower that adorns the building. As a material for construction used yellow Sandstone. This elegant mansion was designed for Ludwig Scherer, a wealthy Hatter from the Eastern region of Franche-comté.

For a long time the house was known by another name - "red rooster". It was renamed in the second half of the XIX century, when it settled a German family by the name Pfister.

In 1577, the facade was decorated with the famous murals on various themes. Here, for example, are heraldic symbols: coat of arms of the provinces and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. The other painting is devoted to religious subjects: some depicted saints and scenes from the Bible. Notably the two allegorical figures of Faith and Justice.

The most eye-catching detail of this construction - indoor projecting Bay Windows on the second and third floors of the building. On the third floor is a corner balcony gallery, is made of wood in the Gothic style. The entire architectural composition is crowned with a pointed, tent-like spire.

The first floor of the building is a graceful arcade with columns. Through the tower of the mansion is the main spiral staircase, however, is on the top also the living room. She is adorned with an onion dome.

In 1927 the house Pfister became part of the monuments of history and culture of France.