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House with caryatids: photos, description (Maison des Cariatides)

House with caryatids - one of the attractions of the Burgundian city of Dijon, Eastern France. This mansion was built in 1603 and belonged to the family of Puple, wealthy home. Interestingly, the street on which this house is called Chaudronnerie (Chaudronnerie), translated from French language and means "boiler production.

The most distinctive feature of this building is its main facade, made according to drawings by the famous French sculptor Hugo Sabena. Interestingly, he was recognized as the chief architect of the city of Dijon, and is considered one of the founders of the movement mannerism in France. For style Sambana typical delicately decorated facades, and in particular, elaborate molding on the door portals.

Judging from the title built in, it is easy to assume that it is decorated with caryatids - female statues supporting the projecting upper floors of the building, like replacing the columns or pilasters. The "male" version of the caryatids are in Atlanta that are also present on the facade of the house. They are located between the second and third floors of the building, with Windows on the top floor as, respectively, and statues, and is noticeably smaller in size. Just on the façade are 12 such sculptures.

The section of the wall between the two floors also decorated with interesting bas-relief, delimited by a triangular pediment. It depicts a pot of flowers - a kind of emblem of the kind of Pofie. Ground floor Windows separated by round arcades with columns.

From the beginning of XX century, the house was left without a permanent owner - at one time it housed a grocery and antique store, and some rooms were rented. Now there are expensive Michelin-starred restaurant.

In 1911, the building was awarded the status of monument of history and culture of France.