/ / House of the weavers: photos, description (Maison des Canuts)

House of the weavers: photos, description (Maison des Canuts)

In XV-XVI centuries one of the main occupations of the inhabitants of Lyon was the silk trade, and then the townspeople engaged in its production, and by the end of the XIX century the town became the major producer of silk fabrics in the world.

This activity has even influenced the look of Lyon streets. For example, according to one version, the appearance tribula - through covered passages between the houses, associated with the work of the weavers, which these moves are shuttled between their workshops and dealers in raw silk and fabrics.

Traboule can be seen in the Old Lyon and the historic quarter of the Croix Rousse, where lived the weavers. They migrated to this area in the beginning of the nineteenth century, built an apartment house and settled in their families. In these homes in literally every room was the loom.

Today about the past Croix-Rousse is possible to know in detail the House of weavers - a Museum and workshop, located under one roof. Here is acquainted with the history of Lyon silk and other luxurious fabrics (brocade and velvet), which has for nearly five centuries. Workshop presented to the weaving machines, one of which is run in the presence of visitors and demonstrate the process of creating a jacquard fabric. One of the recent new Museum exhibition that helps to see the life cycle of a major producer of silk fibre silkworm.

In addition to the technical aspect of silk weaving, the Museum also talks about the impact the textile industry has had on the life of Lyon is not only economic, becoming the Foundation of a lot of States some citizens, but also social. So, the uprising of the Lyons weavers 1831 and 1834 years who were protesting against low pay for their work, have helped to build the first trade unions of workers.

In the House of weavers, in addition to the Museum and workshop, is a boutique where you can buy silk products, including handmade Souvenirs and even cosmetics based on silk.