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Domme: photo description (Domme)

The Aquitaine municipality of Domme originated in the late XIII century and was founded by order of king Philip III the Bold. Originally Domme was a fortified village - town, it was surrounded by strong walls and stood on a high cliff on the banks of the Dordogne river. Today, the municipality is part of the Dordogne, it is one of the most beautiful villages of France, of which there are about a hundred.

The village, having official status as one of the most beautiful, must have some historical attractions. In Domme these include castle Codon of the XIX century (he is a cultural monument and is surrounded by gardens, which are also included in the list of "Outstanding garden of France), the chapel monolith in Codone and the gates themselves are the medieval Bastide towns of Port-de-Tour. In addition, in Domme you can find a Museum of local crafts and folk art, and the market square is located a cave that the townspeople were hiding during the events of a century and the religious wars. From natural attractions it is worth noting the picturesque Belvedere cliff, standing above the valley of the Dordogne river.

In the Middle ages Domme had such a privilege, minting its own coins. In 1307 Domm became a place of temporary detention of the seventy of the knights of the Temple. The Templars passed through the gate of the Bastide and left on their stones symbolic image in the form of crosses, squares, triangles and octagons. Three years later, the Templars held at Domme, was taken to Paris to hold over them the trial.

In the years of the hundred years war Domme several times alternately captured by the British and French and eventually the French began in 1437. Not smaller shocks the residents of the Home have experienced during the years of the religious wars, when the town tried to capture the Huguenots, and in the years of the Jacquerie - the peasant uprisings in the late XVI-th - XVII century. In the next century, Domme was in a relative lull and even decline, but due to the absence of the turbulent and noisy life has retained its historical appearance until today.

In the last century Domm became a place of filming the movie "Tattooed" with the participation of Jean Gabin and Louis de Funes, his chosen Director Denis de La Patelliere.