/ / The house Museum of Leonardo da Vinci's Clos lucé: photo, description Chateau du Clos Luce)

The house Museum of Leonardo da Vinci's Clos lucé: photo, description Chateau du Clos Luce)

Château du Clos lucé is one of the most famous castles of the middle Ages, located in the Loire valley. The fame of this small castle brought lived here the characters of the French history of king Francis I and Margaret of Navarre, his sister, and is also a favorite of Henry III and the assassination of the Duke de guise Michel du Gast.

But the most famous resident of this castle was Leonardo da Vinci, the famous artist, scientist and inventor. He spent at Clos-Luce the last three years of his life, having accepted an invitation to settle here from the monarch Francis I. currently the castle houses the house Museum of Leonardo da Vinci.

The castle was built in 1477, one of the first owners were the Royal chef Etienne, the Lela. Once a building whose walls were built of red brick with a frame of white stone, attracted Charles VIII and was bought for 3500 gold coins. Later in the Royal residence settled future monarch Francis I. as king and remembering spent here wonderful time, and wanting the flourishing of art in France, in 1516 he was invited to the Clos lucé, Leonardo da Vinci. The residence of Francis I, the château d'amboise and Clos-Luce was connected to the underground passage by which the Governor could at any time come to the master for a friendly chat.

During his stay at Clos lucé, Leonardo da Vinci worked on the completion of the painting "John the Baptist", made drawings and came up with different mechanisms. Models of his inventions, which are prototypes of cars, helicopters, bikes and other vehicles, can be seen in the exhibition. It occupies four rooms of the castle and includes forty models made from the drawings of da Vinci. Interestingly, each of the layouts you can touch and see in action.

The castle maintained that the situation that was here in the life of a genius. Visitors have the opportunity to examine the study and master bedroom, luxurious reception room visitors, rooms that served as workshops, castle kitchen with a fireplace of the XVI century.

During the French revolution, the castle belonged to the family of Amboise, who saved it from destruction. In the XX century and now the owners of the castle is the family Saint-Bris, which cares about the safety of the castle and creating the atmosphere that was here during the life of Leonardo da Vinci.

The castle is surrounded by a Park, which is called the "Garden of Leonardo".