/ / The Roman theatre of Autun: photo description (Theatre romain d Autun)

The Roman theatre of Autun: photo description (Theatre romain d Autun)

The Roman theatre is a masterpiece of ancient art, located in the Burgundy town of Autun, Central France. During the Roman rule in Gaul he was known by another name - Augustodunum. It is interesting that he even considered "sister and rival of Rome, so great was the influence of this settlement. In addition to the theatre here is still preserved many ancient buildings, such as the ruins of the temple of Janus. But the town's fortifications - fortress wall and various gates, including the gate of St. Andrew, was built on the basis of Roman masonry.

As for the theatre, it was built in the III century and is the most spacious theater in the territory of the Western Roman Empire in his time here could accommodate 20 thousand people. The diameter of the buildings is slightly less than 148 meters, while the calculations are amazingly accurate.

Sorry, details of the scene were lost, but, there are two semi-circles used to represent the area of the orchestra and gradually rising up one level gallery of the amphitheater.

Most likely, the main destruction of the ancient Roman building began in Medieval times when theater was used as the city quarry. The first restoration work was carried out only in the XIX century, then was restored amphitheatre.

To the North of the theatre building an elegant mansion in 1845, the walls decorated with Roman sculptures, which previously adorned the city cemetery of Augustodunum nearby. By the way, on the territory of the necropolis is another masterpiece of ancient architecture Autun - gravestone monument of the I century of our era, made in the shape of a pyramid, which reaches a height of 33 meters.