/ / Dune of Pyla: photo description (Dune du Pilat)

Dune of Pyla: photo description (Dune du Pilat)

This mountain of sand in their descriptions reminds the living entity - it is constantly growing and moving. Dune of Pyla is one of the most interesting natural attractions of the Aquitaine. It is located on shore of Arcachon Bay, a few kilometres from Arcachon and just 60 kilometers from Bordeaux.

The age of the dunes, by definition scientists, is about eight thousand years. Wind, ocean tides do their work tirelessly, with the mid-nineteenth century height of the dune increased by nearly one hundred meters. If in 1855 the rate was 35 meters, today all 130. The width of the dunes and about 500 meters and it stretches for three miles along the Gulf coast. Each year, the dune is moving into the shore about five meters, gradually displacing the pine forest, to which she turned her steep, steeper side. Gentle slope of sand dunes down to the ocean, at its very foot, you can swim and sunbathe on the sandy beach covered with white sand. On top of the dunes and near it often the wind howled, and this warning tourists-walkers and hikers-bikers. Perched on the crest of the dunes, guests of this Kingdom of sand and wind see the outline of cap ferret, Arcachon Bay and the vast Atlantic ocean.

Natural attraction is the dune of Pyla into the zone due to own reasons, surrounded by the appropriate infrastructure. Next, among the pines, arranged Parking, for the convenience of tourists on the top of a sand mountain staircase, steps which often puts sand. However, no one is forbidden to climb up straight, without any stairs. Next to the dune you can buy Souvenirs, stay in a hotel or enjoy at a cafe or restaurant the famous Arcachon oysters or mussels, numerous farms which are located in the Bay.