/ / Episcopal Museum, L'ancienne-'evêché photo, description Musee de l'ancien'eveche)

Episcopal Museum, L'ancienne-'evêché photo, description Musee de l'ancien'eveche)

Episcopal Museum - one of the many museums in the French city of Grenoble, located in the South-East of the country, in the isère, rhône - Alpes region. The first settlement here appeared in the III century ad, and in Medieval times it housed the administrative centre of the historical region of Dauphine.

The Episcopal Museum is located close to the city's Cathedral. It got its name, as it is located in the former Bishop's residence, built in the XII century. However, the facade of this building is more modern - it was renovated in the XVII century. All in the Palace until 1906 lived 48 urban bishops.

Among domestic premises it is worth noting the Bishop's chapel, designed in 1830 during the restoration of the monarchy in France. Now it doesn't work, there are temporary exhibitions. The Museum's main staircase was finished in 1676, and many other rooms and interior decoration.

The collection of this Museum is staggering - in its five floors presents the entire history of the Department of isère, beginning with prehistoric times and ending with the industrialization of the twentieth century. Here exhibited a variety of artifacts of the Neolithic and the bronze age, models of ancient cities, religious art from the Treasury of the Cathedral and the Episcopal residence. It is worth noting the diversity of archaeological finds: in 1989 during excavations in conducting tram line was made of a unique historical discoveries were found the remains of ancient fortifications of the III century BC and the ancient baptistery dated to the fourth century.

The Museum was opened in 1998, and in 2014 around this medieval building were there is a beautiful Park.