/ / Of gerberoy is: photo, description Gerberoy)

Of gerberoy is: photo, description Gerberoy)

Small Picardy village of gerberoy is went down in history as the site of one of the battles of the hundred years war. This battle between the British and the French took place on the final stage of this overly protracted dispute in may 1435. The battle ended in a French victory, however, turning it is not. Moreover, two years later, the British regained the village back and finally left her only in 1449. However, the battle of gerberoy is considered one of the most important battles of the final period of the hundred years war. Also this battle is recognized as one of the first big successes after the achievements in the hundred years war Joan of Arc in the 20-30-ies of the XV century.

Gerberoy is a commune, located in Picardy, in the Department of Oise. The first structure in these places was built by the Romans in the I century BC. A few centuries later there was built the first wooden castle, which toward the end of the ninth century, was replaced by stone. At the beginning of the next century the castle began to attach strategic importance, as the village and its castle were at the nearest to the site boundary. In the second half of the XI century the village was besieged by the Duke of Normandy, William the Conqueror, who tried to reason and return to their side son, Robert, joined king Philip the First. In the end, after the siege of gerberoy is surrendered, and father and son reunited.

The village's name came from the phrase "Royal in the sheaves", and even the emblem of the village depicts the sheaves. Don't know how things are going with sheaves now, but the streets of the village lined luxury rose bushes that fill the local air subtle and refined aroma. In the architecture of gerberoy is a significant role played by half-timbered houses, one of them you can see the possible date of construction: on the door lintel is carved the numbers "1691" and the Royal Lily.

Currently, gerberoy is considered very pretty village and is part of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France".