/ / Castle cemetery: photos, description (Cimetiere du chateau)

Castle cemetery: photos, description (Cimetiere du chateau)

Castle cemetery nice the incredible beauty of the churchyard, which lies on the ruins of the ancient citadel, on the Castle hill. The sea and the city remain at the bottom, there is silence, and over the graves stretches deep sky.

Until the late eighteenth century in Sardinia, predecessor of Italy, it was customary to bury the dead in churches. In 1783, king Victor Amadeus II forbade such burials, and nice, which were at that time in the Kingdom, looking for locations for cemeteries. One of them was a wasteland on the Castle hill with the ruins of an ancient fortress. At one time there stood one of the most powerful in the Mediterranean citadels, even withstood the siege of the allied forces of the king of France Francis the First, and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. However, the Sun King, Louis XIV besieged the castle in 1706, turned it into ruins.

The cemetery is located on the place where he was part of the citadel, reconstructed in the XVI century. There are remains of the walls of the fortress, which is now retaining structures of the terraces on which lie the grave. It offers breathtaking views of the city, sea and surrounding mountains.

A feature of the cemetery is its diversity: it found the last refuge of Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, on the South side is part Jewish (it is a Cenotaph in memory of the natives of nice - the victims of the Holocaust). Impressive architectural appearance of the cemetery's oldest tombstones made in the neoclassical style and are reminiscent of Roman sarcophagi, Dating to the neo-Gothic chapel and in the Ligurian spirit, lots of busts. Magnificent sculptures, elegant tombs of the Castle make the cemetery one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Here are buried many celebrities. Castle hill lie the remains of Alexander Herzen: on a stone pedestal stands the bronze figure of the Russian revolutionary, writer and philosopher. Not far from his grave is buried the French Republican Leon Gambetta. Here, the mother of native of nice, Giuseppe Garibaldi Raimondi Rosa, the founder of the brand "Mercedes" Emil Jellinek, the daughter of Henri Matisse a novel by writer Gaston Leroux.

2800 graves make up this city of the dead. At the entrance of the pyramid erected a memorial in memory of the two hundred victims of the fire at the Opera of nice in 1881. Built in 1935 by architect françois Aragon the chapel of the Holy Trinity you can put a candle and pray for the souls of those who are buried on this high hill.