/ / Castle hill: photos, description (La Colline du Chateau)

Castle hill: photos, description (La Colline du Chateau)

Castle hill is low (only 92 meters height), and no such castle exists there. This Park, which offers maybe the best views of nice. In the name of the place depicts the history of a completely different nice - menacing, aggressive, long ago sunk into Oblivion.

Until the early eighteenth century there really towered castle with semionovo history, which has withstood many sieges. In 1543 it was besieged by the allied army - the warrior king-knight of Francis I. and the Sultan of Suleiman the Magnificent. During the Franco-Turkish siege, was destroyed by the Northern fortifications, and the Duke of Savoy Emmanuel Philibert reconstructed defensive system. After completion of the work the city was besieged by the armies of Louis XIV, and then the Duke decided to strengthen the castle. Not helped by it: in 1706 during the war of the Spanish succession Louis XIV laid siege to the fortress again, the castle was reduced to ruins and surrendered after 54 days of bombing.

Ruin lay on the top of the hill before 1830, when the king of Sardinia (predecessor Italy), Charles Felix ordered the creation of a Park here. In September 1860 the Emperor of France, Napoleon III arrived in annexed nice and visited Castle hill. "This is the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen!" he said.

The view from the top of the hill is really fascinating. Here, from the special observation deck, on the right you can see the whole glittering Bay of Angels with its six-kilometer promenade, on the left - nice port, full of yachts and vessels.

The Park is indented with whimsical winding paths, framed by retaining walls of limestone. There are plenty of benches, small cafes. Dense forest (cypress, pine, hornbeam, oak) gives a lot of shade. On the site of the ancient tower noise large waterfall, built in 1885. Among the greenery, the ruins of the ancient walls.

Here, on the hill, is one of the oldest cemeteries of nice, Castle. Built on the ruins of the ancient citadel, it includes the remains of the walls of the XVI century. About three thousand graves are located terraces. Buried here are Alexander Herzen, the founder of the brand "Mercedes" Emil Jellinek, the mother of Giuseppe Garibaldi Raimondi Rosa.

The hill you can walk along the shady alleys, the funny white tourist train or arranged in rock free lift. It is impossible to get to the top just for the car: their movements in the Park.