/ / Castle Abbadi: photos, description Chateau d'abbadia)

Castle Abbadi: photos, description Chateau d'abbadia)

In the XIX century in Ande lived an outstanding scientist Antoine Thomson de Abbadi, on the order of which is not less famous architect eugène violle-Le-Duc built on the coast of the Bay of Biscay this mansion. It was constructed in the years 1864-1878 and now travellers can see a remarkable architectural structure in neo-Gothic style and enjoy views of the ocean.

Currently, the castle is recognized as a historical monument, it retains all the atmosphere, created by a scientist and his wife Virginia including the academic library, a chapel and residential rooms. Stored in the castle archives and the interior has also been recognized as a cultural heritage scientist.

Research interests Antoine Thomson de Abbadi was very broad: he studied astronomy, languages, investigated the Ethiopian highlands, and even created the first map of Abyssinia. He also chaired the national Academy of Sciences, was awarded together with his brother Arnaud Michel gold medal of the Paris geographical society and was awarded the Legion of honor. Their property Abbadi bequeathed to the Academy.

One of the requests Abbadi was the arrangement in the castle Observatory, and the whole interior of the castle was decorated in accordance with the wishes of the scientist. In the interior you can see a lot of elements related to the interests of the owner of the castle. For example, in some of the rooms on the walls there are inscriptions in the languages, which was owned by scientist - old French, Ethiopian and others. In the rooms of the castle you can see also not ordinary furniture and sculptures depicting animals.

Abbadi and his wife were buried in the chapel located on the grounds of the castle. This simple decoration of a small chapel are three stained glass.