/ / Annecy castle: photos, description (Chateau d'annecy)

Annecy castle: photos, description (Chateau d'annecy)

In the Middle ages, Annecy was the capital city Geneva County, and towering in the centre of Annecy, the castle was the residence of the counts of Geneva. The castle was built in the XII century on the site of a fortress built four centuries earlier. In the XIII century it became the residence of the members of the aristocratic surname, later moved on to the Dukes of Savoy.

In the Middle ages the castle was several times destroyed by fires, but each time was restored, increasingly strengthening his defense. However, despite the thick walls, formidable appearance and great location at the top of the hill in the first half of the XVII century the castle was taken by the French army. In the XVII century the castle housed the barracks and the warehouse one time he even served as a shelter for the homeless. Only in the mid-twentieth century the building was designated a historical monument and today it houses a Museum where you can see works of art and objects from different eras.

One of the famous inhabitants of the castle was Robert of Geneva - born here in 1342 the son of count Amadeus III. Robert of Geneva is also known as Pope Clement VII - a rather aggressive and violent, nicknamed the butcher, and executioner for their methods of working with the rebels. In the second half of the XIV century in the Catholic world had two popes - one officially elected urban VI and the second, elected cardinal's "opposition" Clement VII, who hoped to take Rome by force and overthrow urban VI. Having failed, the antipope Clement settled in Avignon, which once housed the papal residence.

After the death of Clement VII in 1394, Annecy was United with Savoy, and lost its status as capital of the County, and the Geneva County too. Thanks to the Dukes of Savoy acquired the castle in its full tower Perrer.

Today the castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and other historical sites. With its walls visible from the city and lake Annecy.