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Castle God: photos, description of Chateau de Bauge)

Near Saumur is the town God, whose main attraction is its castle. It was built in the XV century for king rené, Duke of Anjou.

The castle was built by order of the king in the place of another castle, which was burned in 1436, by order of Yolanda of Aragon, mother Renee Good. This story is one of the episodes of the hundred years war, and the order was given to the castle have not got to the enemy. The construction of the fortress on the territory of which was situated the burnt castle began in the XI century by order of count of Anjou, Fulke Nerra.

René of Anjou began construction of a new castle in 1454. Work lasted nine years, as an architect, was invited Guillaume Robin. King Rene used the castle as a hunting Lodge, loved it to happen, and ordered to break up around the castle Park.

After the king's death the castle changed several owners, who are not cared too much about his condition. The dilapidated mansion in the great French revolution were converted into barracks, and in one case settled by the city officials. A half-century it housed city hall Bozhe. At the beginning of the last century the castle entered a few different institutions - the court, fire station and Museum.

Currently in the walls of castles, houses the Museum of history and God of the arts, as well as the old pharmacy. In the Museum you can see the armor of medieval knights, the relics of the Dukes of Anjou, conducted the show, telling about the founder of the castle of God. The pharmacy contains a large collection of pharmacy containers and books, there is a laboratory in which you can prepare a healing potion from an ancient recipe. Near the castle is also a herb garden with medicinal herbs.